About Me

Heartland Writer transport collage

I have been in the truck body and equipment segment of the transportation industry for over 35 years. Selling to truck dealers, contractors, truck lines, and railroads has allowed me to gain a wealth of experience by assisting this wide variety of customers.

Over the years I discovered many of the written materials available to me as a salesman were either inadequate or poorly written so I started producing my own. More effective written communications led to additional sales and stronger business relationships.

My sales experience can help you with your marketing communication and public relations efforts. After many years of sales and marketing experience in the transportation industry, I have a firm grasp of how people think and react to the written word in business-to-business communications.

I don’t do everything. I’m not a graphic designer or a webmaster but I do partner with other freelancers who have those enviable talents in case you would prefer a “one-stop shop” for your project.

Give me a call and we can discuss your needs.