5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Use a Freelance Writer

July 10, 2013 Posted by jeff@heartlandwriter.net


By Jeff Van Leuvan


When I visit with the owners of small businesses about my writing services, many of them just can’t seem to comprehend the value that accurate marketing communication can provide in their situation. After all, they’re just trying to sell products and services at a profit. What difference can a writer make?

Good question. Here’s some answers.

  1. A fresh perspective. A freelance writer can provide a fresh viewpoint that the business owner just may not be able to see. The owner of a plumbing supply warehouse, for example, is focused on how to sell more plumbing supplies, but he may not be tuned in to the latest plastic pipe recycling technologies. A writer can help sort out these new developments to the advantage of the owner.


  1. Reduce costs.  Smaller companies can call on freelance writers as they need them, thus avoiding the costs of a full-time marketing person or an advertising agency. This “task-specific” approach allows focused attention on the projects you need the most. The sporadic nature of marketing communication needs in a small business tend to accentuate this advantage. Besides, most freelancers are happy to have smaller jobs to fill in between their larger projects.


  1. Increase your efficiency. Any small business owner will tell you that running a business is like taking a daily drive down a mountain road with no brakes. There’s just too many things to do along the way to be able to dedicate time to marketing communications. Worrying about writing projects adds to your stress level. Hand it off to a specialist and run your business.


  1. No employee costs. A simple agreement relieves the owner of the headaches from things like health care benefits, payroll taxes, sick leave issues and employee complaints. Freelance writing costs can be funneled into budget categories that can possibly be advantageous at tax time also.


  1. Make your life easier. Admit it. Not every business owner wants to write and not every business owner can write. And passing it off to your nephew with the English major in college can sometimes cause additional stress. Most business owners utilize accountants and lawyers, realizing that they lack those enviable skills. Writing is no different. Don’t feel bad about it, just get an expert to help you. Your business deserves accurate and focused representation of your product or service.


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